We offer the experience, skills, and expertise to help your business make the right decisions throughout the various stages of your business life cycle. Our service offering includes unique and tailored strategic plans to aid you in the development of your vision. Our focus on practical and cost-effective solutions forms the cornerstone of the advisory activities offered by Kofkin Bond & Co.


Our corporate advisory practice is a foundational service positioned to drive exceptional financial returns for the business and adjacent group services. Our team combines industry expertise with extensive research across all domestic asset classes to provide sophisticated wealth strategies and corporate advisory for clients. Our expertise and research capability ensures we can deliver a broad spectrum of strategic plans to clients, whatever their financial ambitions or goals.


Business advisory services tend to be high-energy and high value, leverage industry growth trends, and operate at the forefront of the mainstream market. Clients participating in this service are hungry to compete and eager to invest in people & assets to deliver stronger performance outcomes. Our Service offering provides the expert support and guidance you need to overcome hurdles and unlock your business potential.

Merger and Acquisition, Market Entry Strategy
Business Planning, Business Strategy and Development, and Business Scaling
Long-term Succession Planning, Business Improvement and Transformation initiatives

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